Achieving Symmetry—Otoplasty, Rhinoplasty and Facial Implants With Sacramento Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mabourakh

Achieving Symmetry—Otoplasty, Rhinoplasty and Facial Implants in Sacramento

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Is there a feature of your face that always seems to be out of harmony? Do you always tilt your head a certain way in photos so that the camera lens catches your “good side”? Do you wear your hair long to hide prominent ears? Or use contouring make-up to hide the bump at the bridge of your nose?

Scientific studies demonstrate that the more symmetrical facial features are, the more attractive the face. No one’s face is perfectly symmetrical, but procedures that create more harmony between facial features can be used to enhance the natural beauty of patients and relieve dissatisfaction with overly prominent features. Sacramento Area Plastic Surgery clinics in Sacramento and the Stockton-Modesto area offer several procedures that help correct facial asymmetry.

Ears that stick out prominently often cause unwanted attention and embarrassment. Many times prominent ear cartilage can be remolded at birth to achieve desired results. However for adult patients whose cartilage has achieved its final state, surgical correction also known as otoplasty is necessary.

Two common deformities cause prominent ears. For patients with a prominent conchal bowl the cartilage of the ear never fully took shape.The conchal bowl is the curved area that surrounds the opening of the ear canal. The lack of a natural bend in the conchal bowl area causes this portion of the ear to jut out making ears more prominent and visible. To correct this issue, Dr. Mabourakh trims any excess cartilage to allow the midsection of the ear to fold back nearer the skull.

The other deformity is when the cartilage of the upper ear neglects to fold properly. This lack of an antihelical fold can cause the upper portion of the ear to stick out from the head. This often gives the ears an elfin appearance. To correct the lack of antihelical fold, the doctor recreates the fold surgically.

Otoplasty requires an incision behind the ear. During recovery, the patient will wear a headband for a few weeks to hold the ears in position. Otoplasty is appropriate for those six years and older, as ears reach their full growth by this age.

The nose is the central feature of the face; dissatisfaction with the size or shape of the nose can lead to lack of self-confidence losartan dosage. Rhinoplasty can be utilized to to bring the nose into greater harmony with the rest of the face.

Dr. Mabourakh performs rhinoplasty to correct the nose in many different ways. Surgery can be used to correct the overall size of the nose as it appears in relation to the face. Likewise, both the width of the nose at the bridge and the nasolabial folds may be made more slender to create a slimmer and more symmetrical appearance. Rhinoplasty also may be used to correct unwanted bumps at the bridge or unwanted hooks or upturns at the tip.

Patients recovering from rhinoplasty will be fitted with splints and internal packing to support the nasal structures in healing. There will be bruising around the nose and ocular cavities. This bruising will clear up as the patient heals from surgery. Rhinoplasty is appropriate for patients of 13 years or older.

Facial Implants
Chin implants and cheek implants can be used to enhance facial symmetry as well. A weak or receding jaw can throw the features of the face out of alignment placing too much emphasis on the nose or brow. Low or lopsided cheekbones can also add to the appearance of facial asymmetry, causing the face to appear sunken or even creating a slack look on one side of the face.

During the implant procedure, Dr. Mabourakh will insert the implant beneath the skin in its ideal placement to enhance the area and create more overall facial harmony. During recovery patients will wear gauze to protect incisions and bandaging to support the skin around the implant in place as it heals.

The changes otoplasty, rhinoplasty, and facial implants make to the overall harmony of the face boost overall patient confidence and poise. The small corrections pay big dividends, increasing the cosmetic appeal of facial structures and helping every side be your good side.

If you are in the Sacramento area and have questions about facial plastic surgery, call Sacramento Area Plastic Surgery & Laser Center to set-up a consultation with Dr. Mabourakh by calling (916) 984-8585.

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