Breast Augmentaion - What Size Breast Implants Do I Choose?

Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Mabourakh helps you decide what size breast implant to choose and what profile implants work best.

This page is part 3 of breast augmentation virtual consultation with Dr.Mabourakh. This page is designed to help you decide what size implant to choose and based on your size and body type, what profile breast implant will provide the breast enhancement you are expecting.

Part 1 of the breast augmentation virtual consultation reviewed initial consultation with Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Shahriar Mabourakh.

Part 2 of the virtual consultation reviewed what type of breast implant to choose, Saline or Silicone.

When deciding on breast size it is important to be completely honest with your surgeon. Often patients are shy or embarrassed to talk about what final look they are after. If you are going to have a great result you need to put these feelings aside and speak openly as to what you are looking for. It is a good idea to bring photos of the breast augmentations you like and those you do not like to your consultation, this helps me in understanding what you may be expecting. However, understand that your result will not be the same as the photos you bring. The photos are a tool in helping us both decide on the final size and shape of breast augmentation.

During the consultation I will have you try on specially made sizers inside a sizing bra. We will start with the implant size I believe is close to what you want. As you know breast implants do not come in cup sizes, but are measured based on their volume. Breast implants add to your breast size, and patients have different breast sizes to start. Also there is no standard bra sizing, and every manufacturer is different. You have probably already noticed this if you bought bras from Victoria secret, or Macy’s. Bra cup sizes never match from store to store.. After trying several sizers, you and I will decide on the one size that will get closest to your desired breast augmentation. I also recommend that patients bring a significant other, or a good friend to help in decision making. There are a wide range of sizes available from less that 100cc to over 1000cc. The most common sizes range from 300cc to 400cc. In the smaller sizes implants are available in 25cc increments, but in larger sizes this increases to 50cc.

Now that we have the breast implant size figured out we have to find the right profile implant. Breast implant profiles are extremely important in obtaining the look you are after. The breast and chest width measurements along with the implant size are used to choose the implant profile. Implant profile available vary from different manufacturers such as Mentor, Sientra or Allergan. The most common breast implant profiles include:

1. Low profile also called moderate profile implantsare used in wider breast width or when using a small implants.

Breast implant profiles

Different profiles of implants

2. Moderate plus profile implants or moderate+ profile implants are used most often.

3. High profile implants and ultra high profile implants are for special cases when using a larger breast implant or when the chest and breast width are narrow.

The next section will discuss when to use Textured vs. smooth breast implants.