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Creating a Simpler Shape: Breast Reduction Surgery in Sacramento


A natural, full bustline often creates both physical and emotional challenges. While many women seek the popular breast augmentation surgery to increase their bustlines, another segment of the population feels overwhelmed and encumbered by their overly large natural breasts.

Sacramento patients who find the weight or size of their breasts interferes with athletic activity–or even daily life–often benefit greatly from breast reduction surgery. Oversized breasts may cause chronic pain in some patients, especially in the lower back, and even those patients who remain pain-free may consider their breasts an impediment as they shop certain fashions or engage in sports. Disproportionate breasts often cause difficulty with athletic activities like running, swimming and even yoga! And at times large breasts draw undesired attention, so much that withdrawal from public situations or the use complex binding methods or bulky minimizers to reduce the movement and size of the breasts are employed.

Breast reduction allows Sacramento area patients who experience these physical and social discomforts the opportunity to achieve a more proportional shape through surgery. The resulting reduced size of the natural chest typically leads to increased confidence and activity. Chronic aches and pains all but disappear post-surgery. The majority of patients report great overall satisfaction with their results.

For patients who have endured a lifetime of pain or embarrassment as the result of too large of breasts, breast reduction surgery can dramatically improve the quality of life. Patients experience reduction in nuisances like chafing and acts as simple as fitting in a bikini top comfortably become possible.

Dr. Mabourakh will take time to help understand your desired surgical outcomes and to discuss the surgical options available to achieve those outcomes. Often insurance covers breast reduction surgery if it is necessary for health reasons such as back, shoulder and neck pain.

Even if your concerns are purely cosmetic, breast reduction surgery still offers a viable option for patients dissatisfied with the proportion of their breasts. Breasts that appear out of balance with the rest of the body, pendulous breasts, or breasts with pronounced asymmetries all may be corrected by breast reduction surgery.

During a consultation, Dr. Mabourakh will discuss your reasons for electing reduction surgery. He will also help you choose the appropriate procedure to achieve your desired goals. Many breast reduction patients also elect to undergo a breast lift to reposition the breasts to a more youthful position on the chest and those who want to fix asymmetries sometimes also utilize implants to offset an imbalance in the size of the breasts.

Some scarring will occur as a result of surgery. An anchor incision is most commonly used in reduction surgery which results in some visible scarring beneath the nipple. Immediately after surgery the suture area will be red and noticeable. Overtime the scar will fade to white, and be less prominent. Most patients agree that the benefits outweigh the minimal scarring caused by breast reduction surgery.

Considering reduction surgery in Sacramento? Give us a call to set-up a consultation to learn more about your options for treatment.

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