Breathe Easier at Night with a “Nose Job”–Sleep Apnea and Septoplasty in Folsom and Sacramento

Nose Surgery in Sacramento with Dr. Mabourakh

While many people think of nose surgery as simply an aesthetic procedure, nose procedures also offer patients a treatment with impact well beyond aesthetics.

Those who struggle with sleep apnea know the risks. Sufferers who struggle with sleep apnea deal with restless sleep, lack of energy during the day, and sometimes annoyed spouses. Additionally, those diagnosed with sleep apnea carry an increased risk of heart attack and even death as a result of the condition.

Sleep apnea itself encompasses a variety of disorders. A “nose job” including septoplasty provides relief when paired with a comprehensive treatment plan for those who are diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA. The septum often bends as a part of normal growth during puberty or the septum may deviate at birth or as a result a broken nose or other trauma. Irregularity in the septum creates snoring, which can act in conjunction with OSA to create ill health affects.

Septal reconstruction or septoplasty surgery may be performed on its own or bundled with sinus surgery and other nasal treatments to correct sleep apnea. The procedure often allows increased access to the nasal cavity allowing the physician to the obstructions such as nasal polyps.

Those with OSA utilize Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines to help oxygen flow during the night. However, nasal obstructions such as deviated septum impede the efficacy of the CPAP machine. Airflow is limited by existing obstructions and sleep apnea symptoms persist for the patient. If you live in the Folsom and Sacramento area and have been diagnosed with OSA by a medical doctor a consultation with  Dr. Mabourakh might be your next step.

Septoplasty, a common cosmetic and medical procedure, may help to improve impeded airflow. This improvement in airflow allows the CPAP machine to work more effectively. This results in improvement of apnea related symptoms and sometimes eliminates symptoms completely. Septoplasty patients experience up to ten times more effective nighttime breathing as the result of the procedure.

Sometimes previous cosmetic surgery leads to the symptoms of OSA. Rhinoplasty patients, especially those with older procedures, find that the reshaping of their nose contributes to apnea symptoms. A rhinoplasty revision can correct previous nose work. Consult with your physician if you believe that a previous rhinoplasty procedure may be contributing to your OSA, it may be possible to correct the blockage and reshape the nose at the same time.

To learn more about sleep apnea, septoplasty, and rhinoplasty set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Marbourakh in Sacramento.  A “nose job” could help you rest more easily… it could also save your life. If you suffer from OSA, don’t delay in seeking treatment. Correction of the obstructions that cause apnea and its dangerous symptoms provide improved sleep, spousal relations, and health and wellbeing.

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