Multiple Plastic Surgeries in Sacramento: Combined or Staged?

Staged or Combined Plastic Surgery in Sacramento with Dr. Mabourakh


As confidence in plastic surgery as an established and respected surgical solution rises, so too rises the number of patients seeking multiple procedures to achieve their cosmetic goals. It is not uncommon for Sacramento-area patients to seek surgical packages that combine several surgeries to achieve overall refinement and improvement of the physique and face.

After pregnancy, more and more mothers seek to reclaim their pre-pregnancy physique with a mommy makeover that includes a breast lift and augmentation to raise and fill out the position of the breasts after nursing and a tummy tuck to tighten the abdomen and reduce excess skin. Likewise, bariatric surgery patients are often left with unwanted hanging skin and sags after massive weight loss. Multiple procedures are often necessary to remove stretched and lax skin like arm flaps, stomach aprons and other unwanted skin droops. Many times these total body makeover patients wish to combine abdominoplasty, brachioplasty and liposuction into a single operation.

The after surgery healing process is vital to the success of surgery–however for patients with busy modern schedules scheduling ample down time after several different surgeries in not only difficult, it is downright impossible! Patients with complex schedules often choose to combine all desired surgical procedures to keep recovery scheduling manageable. As with any surgical procedure–plastic surgery carries associated health risks. When patients choose to combine multiple procedures, time spent under general anesthesia may increase as well–this can increase surgical risk.

It is important to stay informed and educated about your health and your plastic surgery options. If you are interested in undertaking multiple plastic surgery procedures as part of a full body makeover, take time during a consultation with Dr. Mabourakh to discuss your surgeries and options to help manage your time while limiting your health risks.

What is the difference between combined procedures and staged procedures?
Multiple procedures are performed at the same time during a combined procedure. During a staged procedure the procedures are planned out over several days, weeks or even months into individual surgical sessions. Typically these staged procedures can still be performed within a short period of time to keep recovery time maximized.

Long surgical procedures and increased time spent under general anesthesia acts as risk factors during surgery. Many plastic surgery procedures are performed under local anesthesia versus general anesthetic which allows more procedures to be safely combined. As a rule, surgeons try to limit patient time under general anesthesia. Combined plastic surgery is often appropriate for some complementary procedures (like breast augmentation and lift) because the shared point of access reduces time spent in surgery.

Staged surgeries, on the other hand, might help improve safety and outcomes for patients by reducing minor wound healing complications and other risk factors. By dividing surgeries into different stages, the surgeon is able to focus on one procedure at a time and the body undergoes the hardship of surgery in smaller steps. This can help with pain management and recovery. A well-planned set of staged surgeries still allows for a shared recovery period.

While combined surgery may increase risk factors for the patient in certain circumstances, combined surgery as planned by a qualified surgeon remains safe and effective. Many multiple surgery patients continue to choose to combine surgeries manage busy schedules, reduce doctor’s office visits, and reduce costs.

At our Sacramento are plastic surgery center, our focus is always on the safety and success of our patients. During your consultation we will take a full health history to determine your health and risk factors. From there we will make recommendations for surgery based on your individual health needs. Take time during consultation to ask any questions you may have about undertaking multiple procedures.

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