Sacramento Breast Augmentation

Go through a virtual breast augmentation consult with board certified Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Shahriar Mabourakh

Breast augmentation Danika

You have been thinking of breast implants for a long time. Let’s have  a virtual consultation on breast augmentation in the Sacramento area. You have already done your research and have found a list of  Sacramento plastic surgeons by reviewing our web page on how to choose a plastic surgeon. You have also worked out financing and know how much breast augmentations costs by having read our web page on How To Finance Plastic Surgery Procedures. I am Dr. Mabourakh, board certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years experience in breast implant surgeries. I would like to take you through a virtual consultation and answer some questions. Such as; Am I a good candidate for breast implants? or where should my incision be for breast augmentation? During your consultation, after a short conversation to make you feel more comfortable (since most patients are nervous early in the consultation) I will obtain a medical history to answer the question “am I a good candidate for breast implants”?

Assuming there are no adverse medical conditions, we can discuss breast implant surgery. Procedures are performed in our own private, fully accredited surgery center Creekside Surgery Suite. Why use a fully accredited surgery center? Our center goes through a rigorous review every 3 years, under the probing eyes of a branch of the California Medical Association called IMQ (Institute for Medical Quality). During this review which takes all day the entire surgery center is examined including all protocols, equipment, and safety features. This review is to ensure that care provided by our center is completely safe. Never consider having surgery in a center or office that is not approved by one of the accreditation bodies such as IMQ.

How long does breast augmentation surgery take? Implant surgery is only one hour, but you arrive one hour prior to surgery and are met with our staff at Creekside Surgery Suite. Our fully trained staff will get you ready for surgery. Next, a board certified and experienced anesthesiologist will interview you prior to surgery. I will then spend time with you going over the surgery, the type of implant and size and location of the incision with you. Why Use an anesthesiologist and not a nurse? I believe in having a fully trained physician, one who can take care of any unforeseen events, administer anesthesia, thus allowing me as the plastic surgeon to concentrate on what I do best, deliver the cosmetic result you expect. You will be completely asleep and comfortable during the surgery. With today’s short acting medications recovery is very quick, you will be ready for discharge within one hour of your surgery.

What type of anesthesia should be used during breast augmentation? Majority of procedures are performed under short acting general anesthesia, administered by one of our fully experienced anesthesiologist. However, there is an option to us sedation anesthesia when needed or when requested by the patient. Sedation anesthesia is also administered by our anesthesiologist and involves use of intravenous medications as well as a long lasting local anesthesia, and possibly rib blocks to keep you comfortable during surgery.

Upon discharge a special bra is provided by our office that will help keep breast implants in proper position during recovery. You must have a responsible adult take you home after surgery and be with you the first 24 hours. Written instruction will be given to your care taker with instructions on how to contact our office with any questions.

In the next segment we will discuss:

What size breast implant do I need? High profile implants or moderate profile Implants, what about low profile implants? 

Do I need Silicone or Saline implant?

What shape breast implant is better round or oval, smooth or textured?

Where should the incision be for breast augmentation?

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