Dr. Mabourakh Featured in Sacramento News Report- More young women are getting handlifts

Looking to spruce up your engagement pictures? Well, you can forget about getting a full makeover.

Some people are focusing on their hands and opting to get, what is being called, a handlift.

Within the past year and a half, Jessica Reyes, of Stockton, has had about five Botox and filler injections on her face. She is not shy about showing off the youthful results through the selfies she posts on social media.

“It makes me feel great,” Reyes said. “It makes me feel a lot younger and smoother and look better in pictures and in my selfies.”

The 29-year-old isn’t stopping at her face. She got another filling treatment on her hands.

“About a year ago, I was actually looking at my hand and noticing that the skin was a little bit lose and I thought, ‘I wonder if you could get fillers?’ And I asked. And sure enough, you could,” Reyes said.

The 30-minute procedure is known as a handlift. The treatment has been available for years, but plastic surgeons said it’s growing in popularity among younger women.

“I think it’s becoming more popular in younger people now, especially during weddings, for the pictures they take,” Dr. Shahriar Mabourakh said. “The wedding bands on, they want that youthful look.”

Mabourakh, a plastic surgeon, performs the procedure in his Stockton and Folsom offices. Special fillers are injected into the skin. The fillers are FDA approved materials used to put tissue back-in where it has been has been lost.

“As we age, the back of the hand, we start losing some fat,” Mabourakh explained. “The skin becomes very thin and dry.”

The minor procedure is painless and quick. After the injections, the doctor massages the hand to evenly spread the filler.

Reyes was happy with the results and plans to return.

“You just start to look at the mirror and say, it might be time to get freshened up,” she said.

The procedure is cheaper than before, costing between $600 to $1,200 a session — depending on the number of injections.

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